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Cassius visits DRC in September 2022 to start and establish a training programme in mobile filmmaking for students and teachers at the

Academy of Arts Kinshasa.


How the project started 

I spent a year in conversation with the Goethe institute (Germany) based in DRC about the potential of a training programme. Committed to making a project work I spent months planning, scheduling, organising the structure, materials, day to day training plan and the longevity of the training was a key component for me for its continued success long after I leave the project. 

Once everyone was in agreement and the funding agreed I was still concerned about the longevity and then I realised the one thing missing was equipment that could be invested for future students.

For me this was a key issue especially in a developing country that has very little resources. 


How the sponsors came on board

I contacted many different manufactureres and leading companies in mobile videography explaining the project and the positive impact they could make in establishing a long term base in the Congo for mobile filmmaking, The response was amazing with support coming from Zhiyun donating many gimbals, Sony donating Xperia mobiles, and Sennheiser donating microphone equipment. 

Filmic Pro not only offered a cash injection sponsorship but also provided multiple codes for the app to be downloaded free to the students. 

The involvement of these companies was a huge positive impact on the project and its success.


Training and outcomes

The training was over 6 days and practical in nature. 38 students took part and 4 teachers all learning every aspect of filming with mobile phones, using the extra equipment and the filmic pro app. The training was intense and long days as so much needed to be covered and the students were superb, dedicated and absorbed what ever knowledge, experience they could gain. Training the teachers and giving them all the written, digital content meant they could continue the development to other students. 

The students mission in teams was to complete  7 films for presentation at the end of the training. Every team succeeded and had a film ready for showing at the event. I was so proud of them and their dedication, especially considering their personal circumstances and being able to come to the academy.


Many students days would start at 4.30am helping their families and completing their chores - then they would walk for miles and miles in order to get to the academy by 9am. Then spend the whole day with me working in the heat, finish at 5pm and then walk miles to get home. 

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