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MoJo Fest - Future trends of Smartphone Filmmaking

Cassius Rayner on stage speaking about smartphone filmmaking
Cassius Rayner - MoJo Fest 2019

A panel of fellow top talented smartphone filmmakers

It was an amazing experience to travel to Galway for the 5th MoJo Fest in Ireland. I was invited to speak on a panel of experts concerning smartphone filmmaking and its future. It was a nerve racking experience to stand up and present in front of several hundred people who had travelled from around the world to listen to different speakers. In my presentation I spoke from the heart about my work, passion and the future of smartphone filmmaking for disadvantaged and marginalised young people and how the technology will help them to bridge the gaps in the industry.

I was asked by FILMIC PRO to run a 3 hr workshop at the festival and prepared myself for maybe 15 - 20 to come along - why? because there were so many great and interesting workshops going on at the same time and many visitors were interested in Mobile Journalism - so naturally assuming numbers would be low. How wrong I was. When I arrived at the space for the workshop it was rammed, to the point we had run out of chairs and many were standing and people were standing outside the room trying to hear my presentation. It was fantastic to be amongst so many wanting to learn some fundamentals about filmic pro (the app I use all the time) and noticing a few very well known journalists in the room (not mentioning names) I really felt the pressure, but it was great and everybody was keen to learn.

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