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Healing Little Hearts

A documentary project to help promote and bring attention to the amazing work doctors and nurses are doing as volunteers on medical missions to save children's lives in developing countries. Please support the project if you are able to. In return as a thank you your name will be in the thank you credits.



If you are able to donate £200 or more then you will be listed as an Associate Producer in the credits. Everyone that donates will receive a digital copy of the documentary. Even sharing this page helps. 

Please leave your name and email when donating - thank you

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The history of the project


The main Sponsors


History of the project


Dr Salim from Healing Little Hearts was aware of my work from shooting a film for Chain of Hope and approached me in 2020 asking if I was able to join a mission and document their work overseas - I wasn't in a position to be able to take the project on but we stayed in touch and he kept me up to date with the missions. As a charity every penny they raise goes to the cost of the missions. I decided that the only way I could take the project on was to seek sponsorship myself in order to travel with them. In February/March of 2023 I approached SONY and FILMIC PRO and both companies agreed to offer sponsorship which was enough to be able to cover all the costs/expenses of travelling with the team to Kenya in May, but not enough to complete the project. I decided to commit to the project and spent 10 days with the team in Kenya - it was an emotional, exhausting and amazing experience and the team were just incredible. 

So it's now August and Im now desperately trying to get the project finished so that it can serve a purpose in helping, supporting and engaging new audiences with the work Healing Little Hearts accomplish. Charities are suffering hugely presently due to the global economics but this work needs to be seen and needs to continue and needs the help of filmmakers like me.

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