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A documentary project that was filmed in Kenya - May 2023. Produced and filmed by Cassius Rayner. It took over 2 years to find the support needed to spend 10 days with volunteer medical teams as they embark to save as many children as possible at a Kenya Hospital.

The story follows the many individuals that are part of the team, surgeons, consultants and nurses as they work night and day to help the children.

Funded/Sponsored by SONY EUROPE and FILMIC PRO.

In post production with additional funding to be secured - email for more info.



The Missing started its journey in 2022 being made into a short film. The short film is actually the opening scene of the feature film.

Presently the feature film script is being written from a years worth of notes and research into the facts surrounding the story structure.

There has been interest from a production company (with many feature film and TV credits) after seeing the short film which was followed by some open discussions and first look at the feature script.



 email for more info.




THE FORGOTTEN is a story that follows a family as they begin to experience difficult times after the covid lockdown is lifted - one bad situation leads to breaking point, and the rage begins to find the person, they feel is responsible, for the loss of their home, jobs and life.

This feature film is in development.

In 2022 Cassius did a series of short night shoot tests using iPhone and filmic pro to try some sequence shots of the main character played by Georgie Montgomery.

email for more info.




The neighbourhood changes for the worst when a family move into the street - The Night Watch begins...

email for more info.


Screenshot 2024-02-13 at 11.21.14.png

I was stabbed and survived. What was left with me in my mind would re-visit me, time and time again with a limp to gently remind me when 2 youths inflicted their own anger and hate into my body with a large knife.

This is a story that follows my journey as a survivor of knife crime as I travel the UK meeting other survivors and their families and how their lives have changed, and the impact of that one moment of violence on the rest of their lives.

the missing
the forgotten

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